Most real estate transactions are a positive thing for the people involved, like buying a home, renting a property to a tenant, or businesses signing a commercial lease. But sometimes things do not work out as planned with a real estate deal and a dispute arises. No one likes conflict, but sometimes it is necessary to file a lawsuit.

The law controlling property transactions can be complicated in Florida. Not only can the statutes be very antiquated as compared to other states, but the Florida Constitution gives significant protection for individuals’ homestead property. Needless to say, Florida real estate cases can be difficult to litigate and win.

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When it is necessary to sue, you want to have knowledgeable and skilled real estate litigation lawyers on your side fighting for your rights. Patriot Legal Group is a veteran-owned law firm dedicated to providing first-rate legal services — including real estate litigation — to clients throughout Central Florida.

Our attorneys are all veterans or family members of veterans who understand the meaning of service and strive to provide strong, honest, and cost-effective legal help. Reach out to us today to find out how we can serve you.

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Complex Real Estate Litigation in Florida Courts

You never know what type of real estate transaction might result in litigation. Our firm knows what it takes to successfully represent our clients in handling a wide variety of real estate disputes.

Most of these cases are brought in Florida’s state courts, so you want an aggressive lawyer who is comfortable in Florida courts, knowledgeable about the law of evidence, and well known in the various courthouses and legal community.

Our attorneys know how to successfully fight for our clients in the following real estate disputes:

  • Disputes between landlord and tenants, including both commercial leases and residential leases
  • Real estate disputes between banks and financial institutions
  • Breach of real estate contracts and disputes involving purchase agreements, real estate assignment contracts, land sale contracts, lease agreements, and power of attorney
  • Escrow deposit disputes
  • Mortgage foreclosure, including both commercial and residential foreclosures
  • Lender representation in litigation and disputes
  • Foreclosure defense representing individuals and businesses being foreclosed upon
  • Lien foreclosure
  • Community association and homeowner association (HOA) disputes
  • Condominium association disputes and sales issues
  • Co-operative apartment law disputes
  • Title-III American Disabilities Act litigation defense
  • Title disputes, including actions to quiet title
  • Property damage disputes, including nuisance lawsuits
  • Property insurance lawsuits, including bad faith claims against your property insurance company

Our attorneys have experience in handling many complex areas of Florida real estate law, contracts, and disputes.

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Many of our clients are Florida professionals who work in or are associated with the real estate industry. We have experience in successfully representing realtors, title companies, real estate investors, mortgage brokers, landlords, homeowners, property managers, appraisers, and home inspectors.
We have close relationships with real estate professionals in the Florida real estate industry. Our clients know that we strive to provide honest, cutting-edge legal advice.

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Real Estate Dispute Mediation

The Florida Supreme Court has certified attorneys in our practice as circuit court mediators. Real estate dispute mediation is an area of legal practice that is helpful to all parties. No one wants to be involved in litigation if it can be avoided. Dispute mediation is a way to potentially resolve conflicts before they arise to the level of lawsuits.

Our mediators focus on making sure each side has ample opportunity to state their case. They help each side understand the position of the other and work toward a greater understanding of the case.

We strive to provide honest and clear opinions on the evidence presented and the law of the land regarding the specific dispute. Our goal is to help the parties understand, in the easiest way possible, what their positions are and the risks they face if the case is to go to litigation.

But the only way to do that is to make sure that everyone feels that the mediator is truly an objective third party and is not putting a thumb on the scales of justice. We have a reputation in the industry as a fair and even-handed mediator.

We offer virtual meetings as well as in-person meetings using all necessary COVID-19 precautions, including using multiple rooms for in-person mediations.

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If you have a real estate or property dispute in the greater Orlando area, our real estate litigation attorneys are ready to take your call. The lawyers at Patriot Legal Group have years of experience handling complex legal matters, including disputes and litigation.

If you trust us with your case, you will have a dedicated legal team that will fight for your rights. We have the knowledge, skills, and resources to take on any defendant, no matter how big they are. Contact us to set up an initial consultation today.