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Domestic violence is a serious issue that impacts many families in Central Florida. When a spouse or domestic partner is threatening or abusive, it may be necessary to obtain a domestic violence injunction or orders of protection, also known as a restraining order.

If you and your family need assistance securing an order of protection, Patriot Legal Group can help. Our family law attorneys are highly experienced in helping clients from all walks of life obtain orders of protection against domestic abuse, stalking, and other threatening behaviors that often arise in divorce cases.

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Knowing that restraining orders can also be misused during the divorce process by those who want to discredit their spouse for maintenance or child custody reasons, we also defend clients against unjust orders of protection.

As a veteran-owned law firm, we are committed to protecting the safety of families in our community and helping them find solutions to their most personal and pressing challenges. Contact our office today to speak with an experienced order of protection attorney.

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How Orders of Protection Keep You Safe

Florida courts issue orders of protection to stop one person from abusing, harassing, threatening, stalking, or assaulting another person. In short, a domestic violence injunction is a legal document that orders the threatening party to stay away from and stop harassing the abused party.

For the court to grant a protective injunction for domestic violence, you must be able to demonstrate that you have been the victim of domestic violence or reasonably believe yourself or your family to be in imminent danger of harm.

The order of protection attorneys at Patriot Legal Group will work to collect the necessary evidence to support your case and help you obtain a restraining order. Orders of protection can be customized to address your specific situation, such as:

  • Prohibiting the threatening party from having physical proximity to you or any members of your household
  • Ordering the threatening party to stay away from your home, workplace, or any other location where they might harm you or your children, including your children’s school
  • Ordering the threatening party to cease all phone, text, mail, or email contact with you
  • Requiring the threatening party to surrender guns or other weapons to the police to ensure your safety

The best way to protect your family is to have an experienced order of protection attorney at your side. Our legal team has successfully represented numerous clients in order of protection hearings and will provide you with compassionate representation when you need it most.

Temporary and Permanent Orders of Protection

When you file for an order of protection, the court typically grants an immediate, temporary order before serving your spouse or partner with the protective order. A temporary order lasts until your next court date, at which time the court will decide whether to extend the temporary order.

The court can issue a “permanent order” of protection, which typically lasts one year, but can be issued for a longer period of time if there are aggravating circumstances. Trust our experienced Orlando Florida order of protection attorneys to ensure you and your family obtain the protection you need.

Notifying the Police About a Restraining Order

While an order of protection is an important line of defense when the safety of your family is in jeopardy, it should not be the only protection you seek. Informing the police of your situation is crucial to make sure you and your family are safe. Although many people feel intimidated by talking to the police, they have a duty to serve and protect the community. Our legal team will help to remove the stress from the process and make sure law enforcement officials have all the information they need to protect you and your family.

Defending Against Orders of Protection

Unfortunately, spouses often abuse orders of protection in divorce cases to discredit the other party in the eyes of the court. Because an order of protection can significantly impact your divorce settlement and custody rights, it is crucial to have the informed representation we provide. The Florida courts can issue orders of protection denying child custody and visitation rights if it is in the best interests of the child’s safety and welfare. If someone is seeking an unjust restraining order against you, our veteran attorneys will devise a successful defense strategy and work to protect your rights and your reputation.

Contact Our Experienced Orders of Protection Attorneys

If you or a loved one have been the victim of domestic violence or you have concerns about your safety, it is important to act quickly. At Patriot Legal Group, we will offer you a secure environment in which you can make informed decisions about the safety of your family. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can help you obtain an order of protection.